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"DIGITAL ACTIVITY. Birth. Disturbing Music.

With "Birth" we certainly don't have a conventional musical project. This is a daring album merging innovative Ambient with Psychedelic influences, some elements of Progressive Rock, and other, more difficult to place, traits which contribute to endow this release with a great originality. The sonic and melodic constructions turn out to be rather astonishing indeed, as well as unpredictable enough. A total of seven tracks with a wide melodic and experimental diversity appropriate for those who want to escape from conventionalisms."
Alejandro Hinojosa AmazingSounds

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"This release from 2004 features 69 minutes of enthralling electronic music.

Digital Activity is the brainchild of Geoff Westen.

Dense electronics and pattering e-perc are employed with enthusiastic vigor. Haunting airs periodically drift by, bridging passages of dark portend that surface into the light with remarkable appeal. Surging patterns ascend through realms of murky constitution, striving to burst into the open with an instinctual verve. Traditional piano shares the stage with atmospheric ambience, while more decisive electronics flex and frolic in the forefront. There's even a smattering of synthesized horns tickling the flow. Guitars are subjected to tasty treatments, empowering them with a glistening subtlety.

Infant noises are mixed into the soundtrack in a clever manner, blending innocence with the demonstrative melodies.

Compositionally, this tuneage is quite rewarding, walking a fine line between gritty and soothing. The melodies possess a serenity that is excellently tempered with a dramatic tension, elevating the music to a plateau of gripping stature. For the most part, though, the music exudes a strident power that is captivating and satisfying.

The subject of birth is an intriguing one to capture with electronic music, since the experience is one that is wholly organic in nature. It is a fundamental experience that none of us recall with much clarity, making this music a journey of interpretive recollection. Digital Activity provides an entertaining and moving sonic rendition of the adventure."
Matt Howarth Sonic Curiosity

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DIGITAL ACTIVITY. Birth. Disturbing Music. DMCD4824

"With that title it is hardly surprising that this instrumental journey charts the time line from the moments of birth...When the child is born...the music takes on a triumphant aspect with a joyous mood at the moment the child cries...This is dramatic ambient music and...there is a quality that makes it likeable (and) instantly memorable. Geoff Westen has tried to create a new division of modern contemporary electronic music by merging rock and ambient and it surprisingly works."
Philly – Modern Dance

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"Disturbing Music leans towards the cerebral concept but then relinquishes a bit. Sure it's ambient but Mr. Westen would liken it rock ambient, meaning that it's less Eno and more Orb-esque perhaps. There's beats and crunky rhythms that coast alongside the eerie soundscapes that whisk you about for a journey of your life about your life...for the most part your attention is full-on and you're awaiting the blissful next bleep or bleat."
J-Sin Smother Magazine
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"The group...clearly has a knack for composing slow, churning soundscapes, but there are also defined moments of rhythm here that could pass for electro-rock. 'The Good Life' isn't an electronic Weezer cover; it's a smooth, roomy exploration of electronic sounds with a succinct rhythmic bite. 'Birth' is similar in nature, but could be considered a sort of electronic lullaby given its brief vocals and generally soothing vibe.

The group hits a creative peak on closer 'Troubled But Cool': a quirky toy instrument tone bounces erratically over a subtle beat while prancing notes and fickle twists add to the tune's schizophrenic nature. If these guys don't already have soundtrack experience (perhaps in commercial composition), they should probably look into it."
Andrew Magilow – Splendidezine.com

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"It's all electronic and well composed and makes sense to the listener...their music is the kind that you play during your everyday busy life, no matter it be hectic or calm...some pretty good innovation here."
Sava Legions – Space Junkies Magazine
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"DIGITAL ACTIVITY is an interesting collaboration among 'digitists.' Though Westen uses terms like texture and soundscape to describe the creation process...it's actually more pop/rock done digitally, thereby giving it an electronic feel. There are passages and snippets which stand out...each time I listen to it they change. 'Birth' is well recorded and the production is good...Tribes...seems the most sonically cohesive and complete, and it has a recurring musical theme which appealed to me."
John Venvertloh – The Great Nothing
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