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No Peace No Santa!

"Now that it is winter and the snow begins to fall
Now your cheeks are rosy and your nose is cold
Getting close to Christmas and the air is filled with cheer
Now's the time to tell you, I want everyone to hear...
I've Got Santa Claus. That's right. I've Got Santa Claus!

I've got all his reindeers and his little helpers too
Tied up at the North Pole under lock and key
If you don't believe me Christmas morning you will see
There won't be any presents underneath your Christmas tree
Cause I've got Santa Claus and all the toys

No season's greetings and no Happy New Year
No standing underneath the mistletoe...oh no!

I don't want the kiddies getting new electric trains
I don't want the kiddies to have any fun
Billy gets no bike and no computer game
and Sally won't get anything she wanted - what a shame
I've got Santa Claus. Oh Yeah, I've got Santa Claus!

Maybe next winter when the snow begins to fall
Maybe there'll be peace on earth for everyone
But until then - I've got Santa Claus and all the toys!"

—from "I've Got Santa Claus" by THE PIGS



Check out The Pigs holiday gift to the world – I've Got Santa Claus - the video. To help The Pigs promote World Peace, visit their PeaceForXmas site where you can get a free download of the song or pay 99 pennies for the download with ALL net proceeds donated to

Peace on Earth. WE NEED IT!

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