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"Here is Geoff Westen again, releasing another interesting CD from his ongoing "DIGITAL ACTIVITY PROJECT." As he has demonstrated in the past, he likes going where few rocksters dare to go. Rock instrumental music is not one of those categories getting much attention these days. That doesn't deter Westen one bit. If you look at his discog, he has been producing this music for many years now and I don't really see an end in sight. He has been injecting these collections of extended instrumental albums in between his terrific pop CDs. These instrumental packages don't get a lot of attention, but I for one, commend him for his adventurous side-trips. Lots of great sounds. Lots of great grooves. Beautiful production. Interesting soundscapes with, as he puts it, more rock than you would think. Instrumental music is tricky and Westen has some ingenious tricks up his musical sleeve. Most obvious to me and most important to his project is the wide variety of music styles presented. You definitely don't feel like you are listening to the same track over and over. On this album you've got a bit of techno, latin, rock symphony, guitar smash, eastern contemporary and more. And he gives you the short and long of it with tracks ranging from the spirited and scary "Bolero Monstruoso" at 3:33 to the gigantic "Long Journey" which roars and rumbles for a majestic 12:43. I don't know where he is heading with this "Rock Ambient" genre he has created...but I like it. I like it a lot."
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