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Artist/Producer Geoff Westen's DIGITAL ACTIVITY music project, created an outlet for his experimentation with instrumental music. What developed is a unique hybrid of Rock and Ambient gone wild that we call RAM--Rock Ambient Music.

When Geoff immersed himself in the DISTURBING MUSIC Soundlab, plugged in all his electronic toys, and began his manipulation of bits and bytes, he thrived on the creative freedom of soundscapes that allowed him to stretch his composing muscles into brand new territory. Giving free reign to his musical instincts, he fell into a groove that has become GWs unique little corner of the music world.

"I'm trying to create a new experience for myself and for my listeners," explains Digital Activist Westen. "My approach to ambient music utilizes complex orchestration with more edge, more punch, and extreme dynamics. Rock Ambient can be hypnotic and beautiful or it can be a powerful wall of sound." ACTIVATE is the latest sonic adventure from the Digital Activity project.


Push PLAY to ACTIVATE, and open a floodgate of Geoff Westen's Rock Ambient music. The ten tracks on ACTIVATE will get you dancing a nasty samba to "Chio's" ambient Latin beat, flailing your hair to the Rock Ambient-flavored "Thanks DC" or soothing your feverish psyche to the strains of "Sad Cowboy." Each cut is a musical journey which starts from a point of familiarity before drifting off-course on a sonic adventure then falling back into place. This music can either pacify or energize your environment. It's your call!

Remember, this is Rock Ambient...not...Ambient Rock. These musical soundscapes have no real pop structure but are connected through dynamics and arrangement. Each track has a mix of textures within a single theme. They twist and turn, ebb and flow, move from loud to soft and frantic to soothing. Westen uses whatever bridge works best to connect the storyline and keep the piece moving.

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Digital Activity Lrg Blue Anim

Click on the player below to get the music going. Then sit back and preview the clips before you pick up a copy.


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For more on the DA Project, go to DIGITAL ACTIVITY.


GW did everything except:
Produced & Engineered by: Freaks
Recorded & Mastered at: Disturbing Studios
We must give special thanks to Dennis Conway, the Drum Programmer of Doom, who added his magic touch here and there. Thanks DC!
Concept and Design: Oz Studios
Production Assistant: Patti Mitsui
Studio Psych & Soul: Helena
Artist Representation: Manic Strategies
Public Relations: PRP/818-766-0443


Let's get moving! The entire world's in gridlock and we're just passive viewers. Stop watching the action through a steamy wall of glass. Break the glass to engage. Find that button and push it. Push PLAY To ACTIVATE!

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01. Bolero Monstruoso
02. Deep Night
03. Umbrellas Of Westlake
04. Thanks DC
05. Chio
06. Sad Cowboy
07. Some Of You Girls
08. Don't You Feel Great?!
09. East Meets West
10. Long Journey

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Digital Activity Lrg Blue Anim
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